Whole Home Generator Installation

Whole Home Generator Installation in Natick, MA

Providing Reliable Electrical Backup for Customers Throughout the Boston Metro Area

At Tingley Home Services, we are proud to offer the residents of Natick and surrounding areas with premier home services solutions. We are a Generac® dealer with years of experience providing electrical services to the Boston Metro area. Homeowners will find Generac whole home generators are a convenient solution to unplanned electrical outages. When securing your Natick home, you can’t go wrong with a reliable whole home backup generator system from Generac and Tingley Home Services.

The Benefits of a Whole Home Generator

it's possible you’ve never considered the benefits of a whole home generator, and if you haven’t, you’d be like most homeowners. While generators are growing in popularity, most people don’t consider purchasing one until they’ve been placed in a situation where they need additional security. A whole home generator is a smart investment that will make your home safe and your family comfortable during an unexpected electrical outage.

There are many benefits to adding a whole home generator to your electrical system, including:

  • Your food will remain safe during a power outage because your refrigerator will remain powered by your generator the entire time.
  • Any water filters connected to a power supply will operate during an outage, which means you’ll have access to clean water and safe food during any power outage.
  • Your computers and telephones will remain charged, which keeps you in constant communication with everyone.

Contact our Natick Whole Home Generator Installation experts by calling (508) 456-8838. You can schedule an appointment with our team to begin planning your generator add-on.

Generac® Generator Services in Natick, MA

Whether you have a generator that needs to be replaced or plan to add a system to your home, the team at Tingley Home Services can help you put your plan into action. We are proud to be an authorized Generac® dealer. Generac® is the number one manufacturer of backup generators in the United States. Whole home generators are affixed to your house, like your AC unit, and they operate using gas or liquid propane. We offer access to a full selection of Generac® generators, and our team will find the perfect system to meet your needs. With a whole home generator, you can confidently back up your entire home or select essential systems. Once you’re ready to add a whole home generator to your property, our team will come in and install the unit and test it. The whole home generator installation experts on our staff won’t leave your property until you are confident the system is working the way you want. We are available to offer you affordable generator repair services handled by our reliable team of licensed and trained electricians. If your system isn’t working the way you need it to, we can help! Our team can perform a thorough inspection to verify the issue and work until your system is repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whole Home Generators

Do you need a Generac® dealer to provide reliable repair services in Natick, MA? Our electricians are available to service Generac® systems and all other brands of home generator systems. Whether you’re a current generator owner or still shopping for the perfect system, our team is here to help you at every point during the life of your backup generator.

We realize adding a generator to your home is a significant addition, which is why we compiled a list of a few of the most common questions we encounter from customers.

  • How Does a Whole Home Generator Power My Home? Whatever you want to call it, a backup, standby, or whole home, any generator you affix to your home will work the same way. Anytime your home is without power, the generator will immediately shift to auxiliary power. A backup generator is unique because it only works when the power is out. Your backup system will return to standby status as soon as power is restored to your home. One of the best features of our whole home generator is that you’re in control of what it does. Do you want it to power the entire home? Your comfort systems? Only the essentials? You get to decide how your system will serve you in the event of a power outage.
  • Are Whole Home Generators One Size Fits All? At Tingley Home Services, our Natick whole home generator installation experts will help you select the perfect system for your home. We provide access to both entry-level generators and standard-size systems. Smaller units are around 22kW units in size, and larger systems range from 27 to 36kW, which is large enough to replace almost 75% of a 200amp home.
  • Does a Whole Home Generator Increase the Value of My Home? Anytime you improve your home, you can expect to see some of that reflected in your sale price. However, some add-ons are more sought after and therefore have a greater return on investment (ROI.) According to Remodeling Magazine, installing a whole home generator can yield an ROI of as much as 150%.
  • What are the common causes of electrical outages in Natick, MA? Electrical outages in Natick can occur for various reasons, often disrupting daily life and business operations. Some of the common causes include:

    1. Weather Events: Severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, heavy snow, ice storms, and strong winds can lead to electrical outages. Falling trees or branches can damage power lines, causing interruptions in service.

    2. Equipment Failures: Aging infrastructure, worn-out components, or technical malfunctions in transformers, circuit breakers, and substations can result in power outages. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent these failures.

    3. Overloading: During peak demand periods, the electrical grid can become overloaded, leading to temporary outages. This often occurs on hot summer days when air conditioners are running at full capacity.

    4. Vehicle Accidents: Accidents involving vehicles colliding with utility poles or electrical equipment can disrupt power supply in specific areas.

    5. Animals: Wildlife, especially birds and squirrels, can inadvertently cause electrical outages when they come into contact with power lines or equipment.

    6. Construction and Digging: Unauthorized digging or construction work without proper precautions can damage underground electrical cables, leading to outages.

    7. Scheduled Maintenance: Utility companies may occasionally conduct planned maintenance or repairs that require temporarily cutting power to certain areas.

    8. Grid Failures: Widespread grid failures can happen due to cyberattacks, system failures, or cascading effects from neighboring regions, affecting a large portion of Natick's electrical supply.

Why Customers Trust the Professionals at Tingley Home Services

Customers choose Tingley Home Services because we’ve been committed to quality services and exceptional customer care since 2003. As a locally owned and operated service provider, we are invested in the success and betterment of our neighbors’ homes and the Boston Metro area. We have a reputation for fast and affordable electrical solutions. We offer a comprehensive selection of home services, and all of our technicians are licensed and trained to provide services for all of your home’s most important systems. Our commitment to quality work and superior customer service is unmatched in the region. We know what it takes to get the job done right the first time, and our team is committed to quality and excellence!

There’s no better time to add a whole home generator system to your property than now! Our Natick, MA, whole home installation experts can help you select the perfect unit right away. Call now at (508) 456-8838!

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  • Focused on Our Customer's Overall Experience

    With Tingley, you're not just getting a service provider, you're getting a trusted advisor for your home. We're dedicated to providing the best experience we can, from beginning to end, to keep you smiling the whole way through.

  • Highly- Skilled and Expertly Trained Technicians

    We provide our team of electricians with on-going training on the leading technology and latest trends. We only install the highest quality products and guarantee your satisfaction in everything we do.

  • Over 100 Years of Collective Experience

    Our team of professional electricians have over 100 years of collective experience in the field ensuring you receive the highest quality service.

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