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If your house was built prior to 1960 and it hasn’t had its electrical system upgraded, chances are you still have a fuse box. This could lead to you worrying about having too many appliances plugged in at once, which could result in a blown fuse. Rather than having to constantly monitor this, consider making the switch to an electrical panel. Much like a fuse box, an electrical panel acts as a hub for all the power you need for your home. Within the electrical panel, your home is divided into specific circuits, each of which can be controlled individually.

For quality electrical panel installation in Natick, call Tingley Home Services at (508) 456-8838 today. Not in Natick? We have a second office location in Milford!

When to Install a New Electrical Panel

While a lack of power is an obvious reason that you need an upgrade, there are many more signs and reasons to consider installing a new electrical panel.

Some common indicators to be on the lookout for include:

  • Your current electrical system is outdated: As mentioned above, if you live in an older home with a fuse box, we strongly recommend upgrading to an electrical panel with circuit. Unlike circuit breakers which trip, fuses short circuit, blow, or melt when they experience an overload. More importantly, fuses can no longer keep up with modern electrical demands.
  • Melted wires or a burning smell: If you have multiple appliances plugged in and they’re drawing more electricity than your system can handle, it can cause your system to overheat, resulting in melted wires and insulation. Therefore, any time you smell burning or see melted wires, you must contact an electrician immediately.
  • Your appliances don’t work or overheat: Think of how much electricity it requires to power some of your larger appliances, such as your refrigerator, HVAC system, or washing machine. Sometimes, the electrical demand of such systems is more than an electrical system can handle, resulting in appliances that underperform or overheat.
  • Recurring power surges: Power surges can occur when many high-powered devices are plugged in at the same time, which creates a tiny excess power demand that is more than your system can handle. This is a great indicator that your household electrical demand requires a system upgrade.
  • Frequently tripping breakers: If you currently have an electrical panel, but you’re constantly having to reset tripped breakers, our Natick electrical panel installation specialists recommend that you consider a new system.
  • Flickering lights: In addition to power surges and tripped breakers, flickering lights typically means that your electrical system cannot adequately power everything at once.

The Benefits of a New Electrical Panel

If you’ve had to make sure you scheduled when you could run the dishwasher so you wouldn’t have to worry about missing the football game or you have had to suffer through a hot summer while you did a load of laundry, you’ll be pleased to know these situations will no longer be the case after our Natick electrical panel installation experts finish the job.

Some of the other benefits of an electrical panel upgrade include:

  • You can continue to add more electrical devices and appliances
  • You won’t have to worry about as many power surges
  • Your lights should stop flickering
  • Increased safety, especially due to a decreased electrical fire risk
  • Increased home resale value
  • Added protection and lifespan for your electrical appliances and devices

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Don’t let an outdated electrical system get in the way of you enjoying your home and time with your family. Instead, give our electricians at Tingley Home Services a call. We know that each home has unique needs, which is why we never provide a one-solution-fits-all service. Instead, we listen attentively to your concerns and work with you to come up with a viable solution.

For electrical panel installation in Natick, Milford, Wellesley, or nearby, call (508) 456-8838 or contact us online.

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