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Are you struggling with poor-quality air in your home? Indoor air quality is a major issue in the overwhelming majority of homes across the country. In fact, several studies have shown that indoor air is often several times worse than air outside, and this is particularly true during winter months when we keep our doors and windows closed up tight in order to protect our homes from costly heat loss and wasted energy. Poor quality air could be the cause of everything from HVAC system problems to allergy symptoms to unhealthy hair and skin, and the team at Tingley Home Services is here to help you if you’re ready to do something about it. We offer a great selection of indoor air quality products from some of the biggest and most reputable names in the industry, meaning we can truly customize your home to keep you comfortable all year long.

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Air Purifier Systems

Air purifier systems provide additional cleaning and sanitization for the air in your home. You may not realize it, but a lot of things could be floating in your air. Things like tiny dust particles, pollen, dander, skin cells, and even bacteria or viruses might be present in the air around you. While some of these bits might settle throughout your home as dust, many will continually swirl around, meaning you can breathe them in and they could cause issues from allergies to illnesses. And because many of these particles are smaller than the holes in your air filter, your HVAC system is powerless to control them.

An air purifier system can help solve this problem. Using state-of-the-art technology, these systems remove impurities from your air, giving you a cleaner atmosphere that is much, much freer of impurities that can harm your health or your quality of life. The way they accomplish this task can vary wildly, and certain systems can target certain faults or problems to a stronger degree than others. If you find yourself struggling with air quality problems, we recommend talking to a member of our team about an indoor air purifier and find out if one of these units could be the solution to all of your problems.

Humidity Control

Have you ever noticed that your skin feels excessively dry and your hair feels weak and brittle during winter months? You aren’t alone: this is a perfectly normal side effect of reduced humidity during cold weather. Cold weather cannot hold the same amount of water vapor that warm water can, and thus your skin and hair don’t receive the same constant supply of moisture that they once did. Rather than constantly buying bottles of lotion or moisturizing shampoo to try and get through this period, invest in a humidifier for your home and you’ll see rapid improvement almost immediately!

Modern humidifier systems offer a ton of features that old, standalone humidifiers never could have matched. These systems can utilize any normal water connection thanks to built-in filtration systems, plus they can even be seamlessly integrated into modern HVAC equipment for precise operation. Some modern smart thermostats even have the ability to operate humidifiers alongside your HVAC system, giving you precise control over your humidity levels as well as your temperature.

Improved Ventilation

Fresh air can make your home feel clean, bright, and welcoming, while stale air is full of dust, dander, and odors. Replacing all of the air in your home is something that should be done every day, and ventilation systems make it easier and more affordable to do that. We offer installation for whole-house fans that help with cooling as well as temperature-controlled ventilation systems.

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