Electric Service Upgrades

Electric Service Upgrades in Natick

Helping You Maintain Your Electrical System in the Boston Metro West Area

If you live in a home that was built over 20 years ago, you may have an electrical system that is not built to handle the increased electrical demands of our day. It’s likely that you are experiencing the signs that your system is struggling to keep up with your modern electricity needs, such as flickering lights and tripping breakers.

If this describes your current situation, it’s probably time for an electric service upgrade. This solution will not only increase the amount of power coming into your home but also ensure that your system remains free of problems that could cause an electrical fire. Our Natick electric service upgrade experts at Tingley Home Services can handle all aspects of the process, including increasing the amperage of your panel and replacing outdated wiring.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call (508) 456-8838 today to schedule an estimate. We assist customers in Natick, Milford, Wellesley, and throughout the Boston Metro West area.

Signs You Require an Electric Service Upgrade

You might be in need of an electric service upgrade if you notice:

  • Your lights flicker when you turn on major appliances
  • Your circuit breakers trip often
  • Your electric panel overheats
  • You do not have enough outlets to power your electrical devices
  • You use a significant amount of extension cords
  • Your home has many two-pronged outlets
  • You have installed a large appliance that uses a lot of power
  • You have added on additional rooms to your home

To find out for sure if you need an upgrade, contact our experienced electricians. We can evaluate your current electrical system, as well as your power demands, and advise you accordingly.

Upgrading Your Electrical Service

Your home has a certain amount of electricity available in it. This amount is measured in amps. The typical electric service size of new homes being built today is 200 amps, although some larger homes have a 400-amp service.

Our electricians are experts at successfully performing electrical service upgrades. After assessing your system and electrical needs, we can help you determine which upgrade is the best option for your home.

Solutions for Outdated Wiring

Another leading cause of home electrical problems is older wiring. Many older homes have knob-and-tube wiring, which uses rubber insulation and does not have a ground wire to divert stray electricity.

This type of outdated wiring can result in several issues, including:

  • Brittle wiring and rubber insulation
  • Circuits that have been extended
  • Damage resulting from years of wear and tear
  • Poor connection between wiring and outlets/switches

Our team is fully trained to replace your home’s electrical wiring to ensure that you and your family’s safety are not at risk from outdated wiring.

Let Our Experts Handle Everything!

If you require an electrical service upgrade in Natick, be sure to allow a licensed professional to handle the job for you. Dealing with electrical systems can be tricky, as they are made up of a series of complex components. Not to mention that working with electricity requires knowledge of safety protocol, and precaution must be taken to avoid electrocution and fire hazards.

Contact Tingley Home Services at (508) 456-8838 now to make an appointment with one of our friendly technicians. We offer a one-year warranty for all parts and labor.

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