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How a New HVAC System Will Save You Money This Summer

The summer heat can be brutal, and finding comfort in your home is essential during those sweltering months. Your old, outdated HVAC system may not be the most efficient or cost-effective way to keep you cool this summer.

In this post, we'll explore how upgrading to a new HVAC system will save you money in the long run and contribute to a more comfortable, environmentally friendly home.

How a New HVAC System Will Help You Stay Cool and Save Big This Summer

While the investment in a new system may seem daunting, the truth is that upgrading your HVAC can lead to significant savings in the long run.

Increased Efficiency and New Efficiency Standards

The vastly improved efficiency is a significant advantage of upgrading to a new HVAC system. As technology advances and efficiency requirements become stricter, manufacturers produce HVAC units that cool your home more effectively while consuming less energy.

As of this year, 2023, HVAC systems will be required to adhere to even higher efficiency standards. This means that your new system is not only saving you money now but also helping you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to future efficiency expectations.

Decreased Repair Costs

One of the most frustrating aspects of owning an older HVAC system is the never-ending cycle of costly repairs. As your system ages, it is more prone to breakdowns, leading to inconvenient disruptions and mounting repair bills.

Upgrading to a new HVAC system will provide you with a more reliable and hassle-free cooling solution and save you from the expensive repairs associated with an aging unit.

Improved Comfort and Energy Management

Modern HVAC systems are equipped with advanced features that allow you to create a more comfortable living environment while saving energy. An upgraded system and thermostat can maintain the desired temperature in your home more accurately, with less effort than older systems.

Additionally, some thermostats now offer intelligent features, such as learning your preferences and adjusting temperatures automatically, leading to even more significant energy savings.

The Phasing Out of Freon

One significant factor to consider is that older HVAC systems often use a refrigerant known as Freon, or R-22, which is no longer manufactured due to its harmful environmental effects.

The production and import of this refrigerant ceased in 2020, making it increasingly expensive and difficult to find.

Upgrading to a new HVAC system ensures that you use an environmentally friendly refrigerant that is both readily available and cost-effective.

Long-term Savings and Increased Home Value

While investing in a new HVAC system may seem like a significant expense, it's important to consider the ongoing savings and benefits. As utility costs continue rising, upgrading to a more energy-efficient system will provide you with long-term cost savings.

Plus, your home's value may increase by installing a new, high-efficiency HVAC system, making it a wise investment for your wallet and future.

More Information About the New Efficiency Standards

2023 brings an efficiency revolution to the HVAC industry. The US Department of Energy established efficiency standards that are more expansive than ever before, raising efficiency expectations from a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 13 to between 14 and 16.

That may not sound like much, but it will result in significantly reduced energy usage and cost savings, while also helping improve local air quality. That's a win-win if you ask us!

With larger SEER ratings becoming mandatory, now's the time to invest in a new HVAC system.

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