Caring for Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets can often be overlooked when taking care of your home’s electrical system because we can take for granted how efficiently outlets can function. Without a properly functioning electrical outlet, you can say goodbye to binge-watching on the weekends or possibly submitting that overdue paper before midnight. Here are just some ways to keep your electrical outlets happy and healthy throughout the year.

Avoid DIY Repairs

While we understand how tempting DIY projects can be, if there is one place you should avoid DIY repairs without any proper training, it’s your outlet. No matter how minor the issue may seem with your outlet, avoid repairs on your own if you are not trained.

The biggest concern with DIY repairs is, of course, safety, and when dealing with electrical systems, getting shocked can give you more than just a sudden jolt. Also, improper handling of wires and electrical fixtures can lead to more expensive repairs in the form of blown fuses, damaged wires, or even a faulty outlet. When in doubt, call us, and our certified electricians will help.

Being Mindful Of Your Wattage

Be careful with what you plug into your outlets, as not every outlet can handle numerous devices. Take the time to ensure that you are not overloading your outlets, especially with extension cords.

Often homeowners can easily overload their outlets by using power strips. The problem with power strips is not knowing what your outlet can handle. Make sure to call our electricians to see what your outlets can take, and you can avoid blowing a fuse.

Protecting Your Outdoor Outlets

If you have outlets outside your yard, the best investment you can make is getting an outlet cover for your outdoor outlets! Nothing can be more dangerous and harmful for an outlet than exposure to the elements with no protection.,

Whether you get constant rain or random debris that the wind picks up, your outlet can easily get damaged outside. Outlet cover can ensure that your outdoor outlet is not only protected against mother nature, but you can have peace of mind knowing your outdoor outlet will last longer.

Be Mindful Of How You Unplug

An easy way to damage your electrical outlets is not being careful about how you unplug your devices. It can be easy to tug at your electrical cords to yank out a charger, but you damage your outlet.

Yanking out power cords from wall sockets can damage your wire’s insulation over time, and damaged insulation can lead to exposed wires which is never a good sign. Not only can your wires get damaged, but a faulty wire can also damage your outlet by electrical fire or possibly overloading the outlet. Take the time to unplug your devices whenever you can carefully.

At Tingley Home Services we can not only help repair your electrical outlets but can even upgrade and install new outlets so you can have a better quality of life around your home. Call us today at (508) 456-8838, and our electricians will be more than happy to help you!