man sitting very close to fan

Why Do Some People Run Hot and Some Cold?

Hot or Cold?

The war over thermostat settings has been going on for years now. Coworkers, roommates, and families alike all seem to know the struggle of feeling too hot or too cold at work or home.

You may be the coworker who brings an extra sweater and blanket to the office or the dad who walks around in just his boxer shorts and stands in front of a fan for hours to beat the uncomfortable temperatures that those around you seem to love.

We all have different temperature preferences, but why are they often so different from those around us? Read on to find out why some people run hotter than others.

Stress Levels

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that helps regulate your body temperature. A higher than usual amount of stress can throw the hypothalamus off and cause some imbalance. Stress kicks your nervous system into gear and begins sending blood to your core organs, making your temperature rise. This is why people can become visually flushed when angry.

If you’re tired of constantly feeling hot, try meditating, drinking water, and looking for ways to eliminate stress points in your life.

Your Biological Sex

You may have noticed that typically, women are more likely to feel more sensitive to temperatures, feeling too hot or too cold. The difference between male and female internal body temperatures is not significant, so why do we feel differently?

It could have something to do with the fact that women’s metabolic rates are lower than men’s. Additionally, the more muscle mass a person has, the more heat is generated around your skin and body.

It’s In Your Head

Finally, the answer could simply be that your mind is playing tricks on you. If you believe it is cold out, you’re likely to begin to feel colder and vice versa. Next time you’re feeling chilly at the office, head over to the thermostat. Seeing that the temperature indoors is actually 70 degrees may be enough to change your comfort level.

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