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Air Quality Tips for Colder Weather

Old Man Winter Can Overstay His Welcome

While the cooler air can be a relief from the heat, cold air does not mean improving air quality. While the summer heat can be brutal, cold air can be as damaging to your home’s indoor air quality. The funny thing is that it is not always the cold air that is detrimental to air quality, but what homeowners do to combat the cold can make indoor air quality suffer.

Cleaning And Replacing Your Air Filters

If you are going to be home most of the day to avoid the cold, you probably will crank up the heat and try to stay warm. Who doesn’t like being cozy in their home? While you crank up the heat, bear in mind that more use of your home’s heating system can put your air filters through a lot of dust and grime. Regular usage of your HVAC system will quickly clog up your air filters, and this is to be expected.

However, the problem arises if you forget to clean or replace your air filters regularly. Try to aim for every two months to check up on your air filters because dirty air filters can harbor mold, pet dander, dust, hair, and other nasty allergens that can take a toll on your respiratory system.

Dry Season

With frigid temperatures and cold air you may notice the air around your home is a lot drier than normal. Dry air can be a pain because it can lead to dry skin and nose bleeds that will not let up until your home’s air becomes less dry. Investing in a humidifier can help bring in the necessary moisture your home needs to make sure the air is not dry. Even air drying your clothes instead of chucking them in the drier can help bring some moisture to the air you breathe. Ensure your home’s humidity levels are not too high because an excess of humidity can lead to mold growth around your home.

Maintaining Proper Ventilation

Just as important as cleaning your filters is making sure your home has proper ventilation to ensure that the air you breathe is not too stuffy. While opening a window can help with ventilation, if it is too cold outside to open any windows, try turning on a few fans to help the air in your circulate through vents properly. Ventilation is not just for getting rid of stuffy air, but some appliances like a fireplace need proper ventilation to ensure no buildup of potentially lethal toxins like carbon monoxide. Call us at (508) 456-8838, and we’ll make sure your home’s ventilation never has to be a concern.

Bringing In The Big Guns: Air Purifiers

While proper HVAC maintenance can help tremendously with your home’s air quality, you can also invest in an air purifier to ensure your home’s air quality never suffers. Much like the filters in your home HVAC system, an air purifier contains filters that will help catch allergens and toxic particles in your home’s air. Remember to clean and replace the filters for an air purifier, or else you will have another source of poor air quality in your home that will cause many headaches.

No matter the steps you take to improve your home’s air quality, make sure to always get help from professionals. At Tingley Home Services we’ve seen it all before. We can help you save money and breathe better by ensuring your home’s air quality is the best it can be. So call us today at: (508) 456-8838 and we’ll be more than happy to help.