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Electrical Resolutions to Follow this Year

Another year flew by, and we cannot believe it; well, any year after 2020 will feel like it will fly by. With 2022 here, what better way to start January than by making sure your home’s electrical system is ready to tackle whatever the new year has in store. Here are just some electrical resolutions you should consider and help extend the lifespan of your home’s electrical system.

Light Bulb Change: Going Green & Saving Green

We recommend homeowners take the time to switch out their home’s lightbulbs to more energy-efficient LEDs any time of the year, but January is a great month to start. What can turn off many homeowners from switching to LED bulbs is their price upfront, and we understand how important it is to save money.

Keep in mind that while LED bulbs are a little more expensive initially, over the course of their lifespan, you save more on your energy bills compared to traditional lightbulbs. On top of saving on energy bills, LED bulbs last longer, so you save on replacing bulbs compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. If saving money isnot enough, you also reduce your carbon footprint as LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient and help you cut down on your energy usage throughout the year.

Wire Clean Up

You might notice that some of the wires behind your TV are getting cluttered. Now is a perfect time to invest in some zip ties or velcro cord straps to keep those wires tidy.

Take some time to untangle your extension cords or wires for your appliances, and use zip ties or velcro straps to keep your wires from tangling again. It may feel tedious to organize wires, especially when they are out of sight, but proper wire care can extend the lifespan of your appliances and avoid damaging components.

Replacing Batteries

With the holiday season over, you can finally have some time to breathe, and what better way to spend this downtime than by replacing the batteries for your most essential appliances. Take the time to put in new batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and of course, ensure they are functioning correctly.

It also will not hurt to take the time to replace the batteries for any flashlights or even remote controls around the house. Remember to dispose of your batteries safely!

Invest In A Surge Protector

Power surges can happen unexpectedly, but what you can expect is that they will damage your appliances without proper protection. Surge protectors are an excellent investment for your electronics if you face a power surge.

Some appliances do come with some form of surge protection like laptop chargers, but you should still consider buying a surge protector. The reason for investing in a surge protector is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to the potential cost of replacing any damaged electronics from a power surge. Better to be safe than sorry.

Schedule An Inspection

The best way to ensure that the new year does not bring any unwelcome electrical surprises is to schedule an inspection with one of our trained electricians! We can spot potential problems with your home’s wiring and outlets that may go unnoticed until a more significant problem arises.

If you live in a fairly old home, it is always a great idea to regularly check your home’s wiring to help prevent any potential electric fires from faulty wires. Not only can you prevent electrical fires with proper maintenance, but we can also retrofit your home’s outlets to include quality of life adjustments like USB charging ports.

At Tingley Home Services we can help tidy up any concerns with your home’s electrical system. So call (508) 456-8838 today, and our electricians are happy to help you!