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How to Clean Electrical Elements At Home

Let the Light Shine Through

We’re back with another item to add to your cleaning list! While you may be hesitant to keep adding to your growing pile of chores, cleaning electrical elements around the home will make quite a difference.

Let’s dive right in and get your home bright and shiny!


You may have noticed your outlets are looking a little dingy and grey. They are also a hotspot for germs to collect and live.

To give them a good clean, first turn off the corresponding fuse or breaker. This step is extremely important for your safety. Next, remove the outlet cover and wipe clean with soap and water. If it still looks a little faded and old, you can easily replace it with a brand new cover from the hardware store.

Then, dampen a cotton ball or QTip with a dust removal solution and carefully wipe away any grime on the actual outlet.


Lightbulbs are bound to collect a layer of dust over time. To give them a new life, carefully unscrew them from their fixture. If the bulb is just a little dusty, simply use a microfiber cloth or duster to clean it off.

If your bulb is older or seems to be more dirty than usual, dampen your cloth a bit to help get the tough grime off.

Electrical Cords

Years of use indoors and outdoors can cause your electrical cords to become gross and unsightly. Unplug the cord from its resting place and set it on a towel. Soak a sponge in warm water and soap and scrub along the length of the cord. If you need a little extra grit, add baking soda into the mix.

The years of filth should come right off! Once you’re done cleaning, allow the cord to dry completely before using again to avoid any electrical shocks.

If you’re looking for more advice on how to keep your electronics clean in a safe and effective way, give Tingley Home Services a call at (508) 456-8838! Our team is standing by ready to answer your electronic questions.