Wire on fire

Why DIY Electrical Repairs Are Unsafe For Your Home

Home improvements have become a fun project to DIY after many homeowners routinely watch HGTV and other home improvement channels.

Some improvements, such as painting, drywall, replacing cabinets, knocking down walls, and more can be a great way to destress and complete a project as a family.

But, when it comes to electrical work, you should always call a professional. Don’t overestimate your skills, you could end up in serious danger and spending more money in the long run.


It shouldn't be a shock that you should call a professional for your home's electrical work because of all the dangers that come with it. One little wrong wire connection, or skip of a step could put you in the hospital or cause irreparable damage to your property.


When it comes to electrical work, fire is one of the most common disasters. Simply an overloaded circuit, faulty connection, or wrong connection of wires can lead to overheating and sparks.

In even worse situations small electrical sparks and overheating can turn into a house fire and create damage to your property.

There are so many components when it comes to electrical work, and issues with wiring can be confusing. Even a small mistake can cause your wires to spark.

This danger isn’t always an immediate thing, even if you think the work is completed correctly, if it wasn't, it could be a fire hazard for months or even years.


When we think of electrical work, we often think of the most common danger concern, electrocution.

Electrical shock can happen at any time and any voltage, no matter when and how much, can be deadly.

An average voltage for outlets is around 110 volts and some appliances can go up to 240 volts, which is a deadly amount if you were to be electrocuted.

Professional electricians go through schooling to ensure to avoid these dangers at all costs.

Anytime working with electricity, always switch off the breaker box, working with hot or live wires can cause even more dangerous situations.

Codes and Permits

When completing new construction or replacing wiring or upgrading, there are codes and sometimes permits that need to be obtained in order to make improvements to your home.

All electrical work must go through an inspection. This is a way to prevent dangers such as fires. When you do-it-yourself, you may not think about this, but when codes are broken, it can lead to hefty fines.

This can also be a big issue when selling your home. Just because your electrical is not the first thing seen and it is mostly covered by walls, it doesn't mean it will not be looked at within the selling or escrow process.

Hiring a professional can help you pass inspection and receive the proper permits if you are doing new construction or additions.


Oftentimes DIY solutions for home improvements are to save money, but in this case doing DIY could actually cost you more.

When you make electrical mistakes, it cannot only damage your health and your property, but it could damage your electrical and cause you to need costly repairs.

Even if you complete the work and avoid dangers like fires and electrocution, the wiring could fail and you may have to hire a professional anyway.

When you have a professional complete your home's electrical work, it will give you peace of mind knowing it was done correctly.

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