Home Automation

Benefits Of Home Automation

How many times have you or someone in your household, forgot to turn off the lights or unplug an appliance, or hair hot tools?

With the risk of fire, even if you’re already halfway to your destination, you may turn around. With home automation, you can have the ability to look into your home to see if you left it on, from your smartphone or tablet.

Safety and Security

Home automation gives you additional safety features by ensuring all lighting and appliances are turned off when you leave the house.

It can also give you safety by turning on lights through automated motion cameras, to help you from tripping over left out toys, on stairs, or running into things when it’s dark.

You’ll gain peace of mind as the security measures are able to have automated window and door locks, for those times you may forget to check every door before heading to bed.

Convenience and Control

What is better than having control at your fingertips. You can cool or heat your home, before you get home and turn on and off lights when needed, from anywhere and for anywhere in your home.

The efficiency of home automation also helps save on energy and utility bills.

When you’re on vacation, you still have control and insurance that your home is safe, even if you have a house sitter.

There used to be a fantasy of clapping your hands to turn on the lights, but today it is affordable and convenient to have automated lights, as well as HVAC, water faucets, trash disposals, and any other convenience.


Remember losing remotes for those remote control fans and lights? Or having to walk across the whole house to turn the lights off?

Although that is still an option, you can stay comfortable on the couch and turn the light on in the dining room. Or before you make a 15-minute drive home from work, kickstart your HVAC to ensure comfort once you get home.

Going automatic is not only modern and affordable, but also the best use of your energy, time, and money. Our professionals at Tingley Home Services can make this happen quickly and reliably.

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