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Preventing Home Electrical Fires

Electrical failures cause thousands of fires every single year across the United States. The property damage can reach over a billion in a given year. It’s a risk that not many people think about or plan for. Unfortunately, we don’t get electrical safety tips when we move into a new home. We want to help rectify this and mitigate loss from home fires with these tips!

Common Causes

In order to prevent a home electrical fire, you must understand how one can even happen in the first place. Over the years, we’ve noticed a few common causes that you should be aware of. First, you need to recognize the signs of faulty wiring. Flickering or dimming lights are a great example as well as switches or outlets that are hot to the touch. These are signs of overworked connections or damage to your wiring.

Secondly, take precautions with extension cords and overloaded circuits. Many people value convenience over safety because they assume if an extension cord or power strip works then it must be safe. This is a dangerous assumption to make! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do your own research if you have to so your home is safe!

Lastly, be aware of your lighting and do so safely. We aren’t too far from the winter holiday season. Christmas lights are notorious for causing house fires. The main reason isn’t necessarily malfunctioning electrical systems, but more so the presence of combustible materials. A dry Christmas tree or drapes and bedding should not be so close to lighting particularly ones that produce a lot of heat.

Overall, all it really takes is a bit of research and a second look to reduce your risk of an electrical fire. Know the safety precautions and practice them. Teach your kids about safety around outlets and wires. We hope these tips help and we hope you stay safe with your electricity!

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