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Problems a Power Outage Can Cause at Home

When the lights flicker or go out, there is no reason to panic. Your safety is important. Although it can be starling, you can be prepared by knowing common problems that may occur.

Lights Out

We all know the first sign of an outage is the lights are out. This may not be a major issue, especially in the day, but when at night it may be hard to see.

This problem can be solved by placing flashlights around your home in common places. This may include near beds, couches, in the kitchen or bathroom.

You may want to avoid using candles or matches to prevent starting an accidental house fire.

No Air

This problem can cause a massive headache, especially during the summer months. Your air conditioner stops working during power outages.

This means temperatures can quickly rise, leaving your family hot, sweating, and even dehydrated.

You will want to prevent heatstroke and open doors or windows to allow air to circulate through your home until the power is restored.

Clocks and Alarms

Digital clocks and alarms will need to be reset after a power outage. When the power goes out, especially at night, it can cause panic, as you may sleep through it, but your alarm may not go off.

Be sure to unplug your clocks and timers during a power outage because the surge or outage could damage them once restored.

Appliances and Electronics

Electronics and Appliances can be sensitive to power surges.

One major appliance that can have a significant impact is your fridge or freezer. If the fridge or freezer is off for a long period of time, food may become spoiled.

Most food will stay fresh up to 24 hours in the fridge and stays frozen 24-36 hours in the freezer. You can help your food by limiting or avoiding opening the freezer and fridge doors.

To avoid damages to other electronics and appliances, unplug all that can be unplugged. When the power is restored, plug them in one t time so you do not overload your circuits.

To help your home from having issues during outages, consider installing a standby or back up generator.

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