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The Best Types of Lighting for the Different Areas of Your Home

Artificial lighting is something that we all rely on. Whatever your job is, you probably need adequate lighting to do it. On an average day in your home, you likely turn a light switch multiple times. However, not all lighting is the same. We want to explain why certain types of lighting are perfect for certain activities or rooms in your home. Let’s go over the various types of lighting and how you can best use them!

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting emits a soft, general glow. It’s meant to lightly cover a large space. This isn’t a spotlight that aggressively highlights one thing. Instead, it gives a good base that is as close to natural light as possible.

Ambient lighting can be quite soft which can be great for destressing and relaxing. We recommend ambient lighting for rooms in your home that are meant for you to unwind. An entry hall or dining area are two great spots for ambient lighting.

We recommend that you achieve this effect with a chandelier, a recessed lighting, or even track lighting. Anything that can cover a large area with a focus on softening the light is a great option.

Task Lighting

One way to categorize lighting is to place it on a scale between diffused and concentrated. Ambient lighting is all the way on the diffused side of things. It is soft and doesn’t highlight anything in particular. It won’t give off big shadows. Task lighting is not like that at all.

Task lighting is meant for activities that require strong lighting. For example, a lamp at a writing or sewing desk can help you focus on your work. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to task lighting is that the light needs to stick out from the background. If there is already a lot of ambient light, your task light will not stick out and you won’t get much out of it!

Some great options for task lighting are pendants, vanity lights, and lamps. If you’ve taken up a hobby like sewing or woodworking or journaling recently, good task lighting can do a lot to boost your productivity!

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be a bit more creative. Lighting impacts the look and feel of all of your furniture. This is where accent lighting is important for the interior design of your home. It’s important to really think about how you want your home to look before you put in a lot of accent lighting. You want to use it sparingly because it’s only there to accent certain things in your home.

Typical kinds of accent lighting include recessed lighting, landscape, and wall lights. Remember that accent lighting can be great on your ceiling, wall, or floor. In many ways, they don’t follow the conventional rules of lighting.

Overall, it’s important to recognize that not all lighting is the same. When you add lighting to a room, it is not only important that it lights the space. It needs to light the space in the right way for the task at hand. These different types of lighting can be combined and used together in a harmonious way. When they are, they can really make your space stylish and useful. We love to work with our clients to get the best result for their lighting installations. If you need lighting, we can work together to creat the plan that will work for your home.

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